[bitcoin-dev] New difficulty algorithm part 2

Mark Friedenbach mark at friedenbach.org
Thu Oct 12 15:25:23 UTC 2017

> On Oct 12, 2017, at 3:40 AM, ZmnSCPxj via bitcoin-dev <bitcoin-dev at lists.linuxfoundation.org> wrote:
> As most Core developers hodl vast amounts, it is far more likely that any hardfork that goes against what Core wishes will collapse, simply by Core developers acting in their capacity as hodlers of Bitcoin, without needing to do any special action in their capacity as developers.

While this might be true of some, it is most certainly not true of many, and it is a very dangerous men to the safety and well being of people on this list.

You don’t get bitcoin for being a bitcoin developer, and there is no reason to suppose a developer has any more or less bitcoin than anyone else in the industry.

It is certainly the case that a large number of people and organizations who are not developers hold massive amounts of bitcoin (hundred of thousands each, millions in aggregate). 

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