[bitcoin-dev] Visually Differentiable - Bitcoin Addresses

shiva sitamraju shiva at blockonomics.co
Mon Oct 30 08:56:40 UTC 2017


When I copy and paste bitcoin address, I double check the first few bytes,
to make sure I copied the correct one. This is to make sure some rogue
software is not changing the address, or I incorrectly pasted the wrong

With Bech32 address, its seems like in this department we are taking as
step in the backward direction. With the traditional address, I could
compare first few bytes like 1Ko or 1L3. With bech32, bc1. is all I can see
and compare which is likely to be same anyway. Note that most users will
only compare the first few bytes only (since addresses themselves are very
long and will overflow in a mobile text box).

Is there anyway to make the Bech32 addresses format more visually distinct
(atleast the first few bytes) ?
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