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For example bc1qeklep85ntjz4605drds6aww9u0qr46qzrv5xswd35uhjuj8ahfcqgf6hak
in 461e8a4aa0a0e75c06602c505bd7aa06e7116ba5cd98fd6e046e8cbeb00379d6 is 62
bytes !


While I get the error/checksum capabilities Bech32 brings, any user would
prefer a 20 byte address with a checksum  over an address that would wrap
several lines !!

That's an unfair comparison. You're pasting a P2WSH address which contains
a 256-bit hash.

A P2WPKH address (which only contains a 160-bit hash, just like P2PKH and
P2SH) in Bech32 is only 42 characters, not 62.


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