[bitcoin-dev] Schnorr and taproot (etc) upgrade

Johnson Lau jl2012 at xbt.hk
Mon Dec 17 20:16:12 UTC 2018

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>       5. if there's exactly one, non-zero item on the stack; succeed
> Unless it is too much bikeshedding, I'd like to propose that to succeed the stack must be exactly empty.  Script is more composable that way, removing the need for special logic to handle top-level CHECKSIG, vs mid-level CHECKSIGVERIFY.
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I proposed the same in BIP114. I wish Satoshi had designed that way. But I’m not sure if that would do more harm than good. For example, people might lose money by copying an existing script template. But they might also lose money in the same way as CHECKMULTISIG is disabled. So I’m not sure.

Another related thing I’d like to bikeshed is to pop the stack after OP_CLTV and OP_CSV. The same pros and cons apply.
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