[bitcoin-dev] BIP 174 thoughts

Jonas Schnelli dev at jonasschnelli.ch
Mon Jun 25 20:10:12 UTC 2018

> As was partially brought up by William, shouldn't we consider using
> bech32? It doesn't break on double-click and it is a dependency for
> native Segwit addresses anyway, so wallets might already support it or
> they will at some point. But we should probably run some numbers on this
> first, since bech32 will obviously be larger than base64.
I don’t think bech32 is a fit here.
Bech32 is a BCH where the error detecting properties are optimised for 1023 chars max and in the special case of the Bech32 BCH, error detection of 4 chars are guaranteed with a max length of 90 chars.

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