[bitcoin-dev] BIP Proposal - Address Paste Improvement

Dmitry Petukhov dp at simplexum.com
Thu Nov 8 18:00:04 UTC 2018

> > Do you know any reasonably convenient mechanism for end user to
> > transfer an address from, say, a web page to the wallet address
> > input field ?  
> - QR code scanning of a Bitcoin URI
> - On Android: A "bitcoin:" URI intent or a BIP70 payment message
> intent
> - On desktop OSes there are similar mechanisms to launch Apps from the
> browser (e.g. for mailto: links)

This works if the author of the web page thought about this, and
created appropriate liks/qr codes. In many cases, addresses are
just presented for users as text, to copy.

People also send addresses in message apps and emails. Maybe if
applications start to autodetect bitcoin addresses and convert them to
bitcoin: links, there will be less need to copy-paste. But I suspect
that this feature will not be quickly adopted by applications.

> For cases where the payee is a well-known entity the BIP70 payment
> protocol has authentication via certificates. That doesn't work for
> the "the person in front of you is the only trust anchor you have"
> usecase though.

There are also BIP75 and BIP47 that may help, but the number of wallets
that support these protocols is small (I think in part because of
relative complexity of these protocols).

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