[bitcoin-dev] Extending BIP174 for HTLCs

Alex Bosworth alex.bosworth at gmail.com
Tue Sep 4 03:24:01 UTC 2018

I've been experimenting with a format tag for BIP 174 to help support
HTLC scripts I've been working with.

Not sure on the best format for this, but what I have been thinking
about is a new input type that defines elements that should be
inserted in the final p2sh/p2wsh stack such as a preimage or a refund
path flag.

Type: Additional Stack Element ADDITIONAL_STACK_ELEMENT = 0xXX

Key: The index in the stack to insert a value (uint32 LE)

{0xXX}|{Stack index}

Value: The value to push into the stack for a redeem script or witness
script at the specified index.


So my flow is:

1. Create blank PSBT (attaching locktime, anticipating final weight to
adjust outputs for fees)
2. Update with redeem scripts and/or witness scripts
3. Update with sighashes
4. Sign: generate partial signature
5. Attach additional stack elements for the required non-signature elements
6. Finalize to create the final scriptsig and/or witness
7. Extract the signed transaction for broadcast

This may be overkill or overly generic, has anyone else thought of how
to use PSBTs in an HTLC context?

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