[bitcoin-dev] Card Shuffle To Bitcoin Seed

Devrandom c1.bitcoin at niftybox.net
Tue Feb 5 01:37:16 UTC 2019

I would suggest 50+ 6-sided dice rolls, giving about 128 bits of entropy.
Compared to a shuffle, it's easier to be sure that you got the right amount
of entropy, even if the dice are somewhat biased.

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> James
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>> Conveniently a shuffled deck of cards also can serve as a physical backup
>> which is easy to hide in plain sight with great plausible deniability.
> To make sure someone doesn't play with your cards and mix up the order,
> use a permanent marker to draw a diagonal line on the side of the deck from
> corner to corner. If the cards ever get mixed up, you can put them back in
> order by making sure the diagonal line matches up.
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