[bitcoin-dev] [bitcoin-core-dev] Bitcoin Core 0.18.0 released

Marco Falke falke.marco at gmail.com
Thu May 2 16:16:08 UTC 2019

Two addenda from me:

* Beginning with Bitcoin Core 0.18.0, Windows builds for 32-bit
Windows will no longer be provided. Please let us know if and why you
can not use the 64-bit build.
* There is an experimental Bitcoin Core snap package in the snap
store. There should be a "track" for the latest release and a track
for each major version branch that is not yet EOL. While the snap
package uses the signed release binaries, I am not aware of a way to
generate the hash of binaries in an installed snap that works on any
Linux distribution. (On some distributions, a call to `sha256sum
generates the hashes that you can then compare to the signed ones as


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