[bitcoin-dev] Two questions about segwit implementation

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Mon May 27 07:26:21 UTC 2019

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> I realized recently that my segwit implementation was not correct,
> basically some time ago, wrongly reading the specs (and misleaded by
> what follows), I thought that scriptsig would go into witness data as it
> was, but that's not the case, op_pushdata is replaced by varlen
> Now reading correctly the specs, they seem to be not totally correct,
> then the first question is: why OP_0 is 00 in witness data and not 0100?
> Does this apply to other op_codes? This does not look logical at all
op_pushdata allows for unsigned integers and thus it uses the extra byte to
specify that.

A varint (varlen) is unsigned.  0 and anything <= 252 is one byte length,
so 00.

> The second question is: why for non segwit inputs there is a 00 length
> in segwit data, what is the rational for that? It should just be nothing
> since you don't need this to reconciliate things
Because you don't have the number of witnesses as you have for
inputs/outputs. The witness data length is assumed to be the same as the
inputs length. And then for non-segwit inputs you need the 00 to specify
that it is empty.

Hope that helps.
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