[bitcoin-dev] BIP 340 updates: even pubkeys, more secure nonce generation

Lloyd Fournier lloyd.fourn at gmail.com
Sun Mar 22 05:51:59 UTC 2020

* To protect against differential power analysis, a different way of
> mixing in this randomness is used (masking the private key completely
> with randomness before continuing, rather than hashing them together,
> which is known in the literature to be vulnerable to DPA in some
> scenarios).

I think citation for this would improve the spec.

I haven't studied these attacks but it seems to me that every hardware
wallet would be vulnerable to them while doing key derivation. If the
attacker can get side channel information from hashes in nonce derivation
then they can surely get side channel information from hashes in HD key
derivation. It should actually be easier since the master seed is hashed
for anything the hardware device needs to do including signing.

is this the case?

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