[bitcoin-dev] BIP-341: Committing to all scriptPubKeys in the signature message

Pieter Wuille bitcoin-dev at wuille.net
Mon May 11 22:12:33 UTC 2020

Hi all,

On Tuesday, May 5, 2020 3:20 AM, Jonas Nick via bitcoin-dev <bitcoin-dev at lists.linuxfoundation.org> wrote:

> This is a reasonable suggestion. Committing to every spent scriptPubKey and
> therefore every element of the TxOut instead of just the amount makes sense
> conceptually. And it would be a small diff (~4 lines + rationale) compared to
> the current bip-taproot version.

I agree.

There have been several steps so far towards making it possible for signers to determine whether they can safely sign with just O(1) information per input. This was initially attempted in BIP141 (by committing to spent input, to thwart the ability to lie about fees to ofline signers), and is improved in the current BIP341.

I think the CoinJoin + offline signer model indeed shows that is still incomplete, as it is yet another example where a signer may need to be provided with the entire creating transaction, which would be very unfortunate.

It's also counter to the model proposed by BIP147 (PSBT) workflows: the assumption is effectively already that it is sufficient to provide signers with just amount + scriptPubKey of the spent outputs. It feels very natural that signatures then indeed also need to commit to all that data; otherwise there should be ways that this information can be undetectably wrong.

AJ's approach seems great. It means not increasing the per-signature hashing, while retaining the ability to cache information across BIP141/BIP341.

As for coinbaseness and height: these are indeed also things currently kept track of in the UTXO set, but I don't think any signer is using this information to determine whether to sign or not (which I think is the minimum requirement for it to be included in a signature hash, see above). Signing height would cripple the ability to spend unconfirmed outputs, or force signers to reveal they're doing so (if done through a separate sighash flag) - both of which would be undesirable. That leaves coinbaseness, but I think the utility is very low.

The only downside is that this potentially slows down review, but I agree with earlier comments that it's hard to see how this would hurt. I also think it's important to get these things right from the start. Many things inside BIP341/BIP342 are extensible with future softforks, but signature hashes for key-path spends is not one of them (the set of potential signature hash semantics must be committed to directly by the output, so changing them requires a new output type - which would be highly unfortunate for fungibility reasons).

Thus, unless there are objections, I'd like to go through with this and make the suggested changes.



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