[bitcoin-dev] Progress on bech32 for future Segwit Versions (BIP-173)

Mike Schmidt schmidty at gmail.com
Fri Nov 6 19:49:44 UTC 2020

Well I sure picked a bad couple weeks to volunteer to send a bunch of
Bitcoin test transactions...

While I tested less than I would have liked, there are some notable results:

- Green wallet segwit v1 send resulted in funds being sent to the wrong
address (bc1qmfr3p9j00pfxjh0zmgp99y8zftmd3s5pmedqhyptwy6lm87hf5sstpn3we
instead of my intended destination, Pieter's r5n8 address. You can see this
with Rusty's test transaction as well:
Blockstream is aware of the issue and has fixes.
- Blockchain.com's wallet behaved similarly, sending to the same, incorrect
address. Rusty's blockchain.com transaction for reference:
I will be reaching out to Blockchain's team to let them know about this.
- Blockchain.info's explorer suffers similarly, "Unable to decode output
address" when viewing a tx with v1 output, and inability to display address
details for a v1 address
- Bitgo accepts a v1 send address, but then a “Server error” during send
- Coinbase (web) reported on final step of sending: Your send failed Please
enter a valid email or Bitcoin address
- brd sends successfully to v1
- bitrefill, casa, xapo, wasabi, all previously failed address validation,
and still fail address validation
- binance, bitmex, kraken, all previously failed address validation, but
now accept v1 addresses. I did not attempt full send with these services,
simply passing initial validations.
- While Riccardo noted that Aqua successfully sent to Pieter's address
(b48a59fa9e036e997ba733904f631b1a64f5274be646698e49fd542141ca9404) Ive been
informed Aqua has disabled send to v1 addresses for now.
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