[bitcoin-dev] Progress on bech32 for future Segwit Versions (BIP-173)

Rusty Russell rusty at rustcorp.com.au
Tue Oct 20 00:42:06 UTC 2020

Pieter Wuille <bitcoin-dev at wuille.net> writes:
> Here is a BIP341 witness v1 address, corresponding to just the generator as
> inner public key (using TapTweak(pubkey) as tweak, as suggested by the BIP):
> bc1pmfr3p9 YOU j00pfxjh WILL 0zmgp99y8zf LOSE tmd3s5pmedqhy MONEY ptwy6lm87hf5ss52r5n8

Here are my initial results:


c-lightning: "Could not parse destination address, destination should be a valid address"
Phoenix: "Invalid data.  Please try again."

Green: ef1662fd2eb736612afb1b60e3efabfdf700b1c4822733d9dbe1bfee607a5b9b
blockchain.info: 64b0fcb22d57b3c920fee1a97b9facec5b128d9c895a49c7d321292fb4156c21

Will keep exploring (and others are welcome to try too!)


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