[bitcoin-dev] Taproot activation meeting on IRC - Tuesday 13th April 19:00 UTC

BitcoinMechanic bitcoinmechanicca at protonmail.com
Sat Apr 10 02:40:29 UTC 2021

Taproot activation meeting on IRC - Tuesday 13th April 19:00 UTC

The focus of the meeting will be ratifying the Taproot activation plan previously discussed at the March 16th meeting (aka 2021-03 Plan Y as summarized here):


While there was never any consensus reached on the LOT parameter, there appears to be consensus on BIP8 and the remaining parameters, and more than sufficient support for LOT=True to proceed safely.

Miners will have 18 months in which to signal and accelerate activation. If not, taproot will activate regardless.

With a majority of the economy running this it will guarantee eventual lock-in of taproot with the smallest chance of a chain split.

As a reminder, the channel is also open for ongoing discussion 24/7, and there is a web chat client here:



Bitcoin Mechanic

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