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> One thing on my wish list - for this BIP, BIP 88 (Hierarchical
> Deterministic Path Templates) or yet another one - is to include a birth
> date (minimum block height). E.g. tr([m/86'/0'/0']xpub.../{0-1}/*)>709631
> And then of course there's the gap limit. Perhaps we just need a
> "metadata" format to go along with descriptors to track the birth data, gap
> limit and anything else you need (nonce collection for musig2 setup?). E.g.
> a simple dictionary: tr([m/86'/0'/0']xpub.../{0-1}/*){dob:709631,gap:1000}

The UR standards we use in Airgap Wallet Community for interoperability
(currently used by a number of recent wallets for airgap PSBT via animated
QR) leverages CBOR's tagging capability, and thus explicitly supports
metadata. In particular the spec reference code support optional seed
birthdate as some wallet vendors really wanted that metadata.

It would be trivial to support it for hd-keys, and if gap is important, we
could also easily add this to the hd-keys spec as well. That is part of the
reason why use CBOR for the underlying binary encoding is tagging lets
us add important metadata. The UR standards themselves adds to binary CBOR
encoding a very efficient transport via QRs or URLs that leverage native QR

* Video: [Blockchain Commons Technology Overview](
* Articles: [URs: An Overview](Docs/ur-1-overview.md)
  * [A Guide to Using URs for Key Material](Docs/ur-2-keys.md)
  *[A Guide to Using URs for SSKRs](Docs/ur-3-sskrs.md)**
  * [A Guide to Using UR Request & Response](Docs/ur-99-request-response.md)
* Specs:
  * [Research 2020-05 - Uniform Resources (UR): Encoding Structured Binary
Data for Transport in URIs and QR Codes](
  * [Reserach 2020 - UR Type Definition for Hierarchical Deterministic (HD)

If you have questions about these, drop by the Airgapped Wallet Community
on GitHub at https://github.com/BlockchainCommons/Airgapped-Wallet-Community

-- Christopher Allen
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