[bitcoin-dev] Removing the Dust Limit

Prayank prayank at tutanota.de
Mon Aug 9 10:25:50 UTC 2021

> As feerates have gone up over time, and as we expect them to go up further, we should be considering drastically increasing the 3 sat/vByte basis to something more like 20 sat/vB.

I have no opinion on changing or removing dust limit. However, fee rates are not going up. Yes, we expect them to go up and miners revenue from fees as well. Although, fees/day (in terms of BTC) has been decreasing in each cycle. Fee rates have been ranging between 1 sat/vByte to 200-300 sat/vByte, regularly reset to 1-5 sat/vByte and very low since long time now except when hash rate went down.

Fees per MB since 2016: https://i.imgur.com/XEkkf99.png 

Highest in this cycle on April 19 2021: 2.5 BTC
Highest in previous cycle on December 18 2017: 10 BTC

It stays low all the time except few days in each cycle.

A3B1 E430 2298 178F

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