[bitcoin-dev] Human readable checksum (verification code) to avoid errors on BTC public addresses

Christopher Allen ChristopherA at lifewithalacrity.com
Thu Aug 19 17:37:29 UTC 2021

As an alternative, you might want to consider LifeHash, which includes a
visual indicator as well as a readable fingerprint value.

LifeHash is an open source visual hashing algorithm that we use for all our
projects. Lifehash has a number of desirable qualities, including high
complexity, good aesthetics, a printer-friendly (CMYK) color gamut and
robustness when transformed to grayscale.

* [LifeHask Overview and links to reference code](

* [LifeHash Explainer on YouTube](

* [Our LifeHash UX best practices - The Object Identity Block](

-- Christopher Allen
   Principal Architect, Blockchain Commons
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