[bitcoin-dev] Announcing bip174.org, a web-based PSBT viewer and editor

Alekos Filini alekos.filini at gmail.com
Wed Aug 25 18:03:24 UTC 2021

Hello list,

I'm writing this email to announce the launch of bip174.org, a PSBT viewer
and editor that runs in the browser. The website itself is pretty simple,
you can paste a PSBT to see its content and whenever a change is made to
one of the various fields the PSBT is automatically updated. There are a
few examples built in if you just want to quickly try it out.

Daniela Brozzoni and I have been working on this tool for a while, mainly
because we felt the need ourselves for something that would allow us to
easily dump/modify the PSBTs we work with in our day to day job. We are not
aware of any other tool that does something similar (`decodepsbt` in
Bitcoin Core can only show the content of a PSBT but not change it), so we
decided to build this instead, taking inspiration from the great bip32.org.

For anyone who's interested, the webapp is made entirely in Rust compiled
to WASM. The source code is available on GitHub

Contributions, feedback and bug reports are all very welcome!

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