[bitcoin-dev] Is there a tool like Ethereum EVM at present for Bitcoin script?

Michael Folkson michaelfolkson at gmail.com
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The "No Taproot" section of the Sapio docs need updating :) What are
your plans to take advantage of Taproot with Sapio? It would have been
interesting to see what a Taproot emulator would have looked like,
although no need for it now. It seems to me Taproot would have been
harder to emulate than CTV though I could be wrong.


Also there have been a number of people asking questions about Sapio
and CTV on the Libera equivalents of Freenode channels #sapio and
##ctv-bip-review over the past months. Do you plan to join and claim
those channels?

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This has actually never been true (Sapio assumes extensions).

If the extensions are not present, you can stub them out with a signing
federation instead, configurable as flags, and you can also write many
contracts that do not use the ctv based components at all.

The protocol for emulation is a bit clever (if I do say so myself) since it
ensures that contract compilation is completely offline and the oracles are
completely stateless.

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