[bitcoin-dev] Announcing bip174.org, a web-based PSBT viewer and editor

Alekos Filini alekos.filini at gmail.com
Thu Aug 26 14:07:30 UTC 2021

> Would love to see an option to switch between light and dark theme and
> highlighting few things with different colors.

Neither of us is particularly good at UI/UX stuff, but we can give it a
shot! :)

> Maybe a similar project for descriptors with options to experiment with
> descriptors would also be useful.

I don't think this is exactly what you have in mind, but a while back I
made a web-based tool to build descriptors graphically, based on Scratch.
You can find it here <https://bitcoindevkit.org/bdk-cli/playground/>, on
BDK's website.

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