[bitcoin-dev] Camouflage: A project dedicated to Hal Finney

Prayank prayank at tutanota.de
Fri Aug 27 21:29:35 UTC 2021

I wish Hal Finney was with us today and help us improve privacy in Bitcoin. I like reading his posts and one of them is https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=156390.msg1659654#msg1659654 

I had emailed about Privacy related things on July 23: https://lists.linuxfoundation.org/pipermail/bitcoin-dev/2021-July/019276.html

It was my birthday on 23 and had few beers so maybe email wasn't very focused. Although basic idea was to initiate discussion about improving privacy in different Bitcoin projects. I did not receive any response except one person who liked the video I mentioned in the email. So here is one project which uses GitHub pages and will have the following things:

1.Issues and PRs related to privacy from different Bitcoin projects. I have added few from Bitcoin Core (full node implementation), Bisq(DEX) and LND (LN implementation) right now.
2.Blog section for my opinion on different privacy related issues and PRs.
3.'Hall of Fame' section to appreciate the contribution of devs who are improving privacy in different Bitcoin projects.

I will be happy if this project helps in improving privacy or helps users/devs in any other way. This project will never turn in to a paid newsletter or needs any sponsors, however any contribution to make the website better would be appreciated. Edward Snowden can also contribute if he wants to do more than just tweets to help improve Bitcoin privacy.

Link: https://prayank23.github.io/camouflage/

Will move everything to new repository this weekend: https://github.com/BlockchainCommons/Bitcoin-Camouflage


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