[bitcoin-dev] Using transaction version number in different projects

Prayank prayank at tutanota.de
Sun Aug 29 09:32:47 UTC 2021

print('Hello, world!')

I had asked related question on Bitcoin Stackexchange: https://bitcoin.stackexchange.com/questions/108248/version-in-transaction

Wanted to know if others think we should allow more numbers in transaction version by considering such transaction standard. I have shared an example how transaction version can be used to bet on something that involves 2 outcomes:


Anything wrong with this approach? We could use oracles (DLC) or something else later to settle the bet and create a release transaction. However wanted to confirm if everything looks okay until funding transaction. Nothing involves any centralized server or trusting third parties:
1.Tx1 is a normal OP_RETURN transaction.
2.App will save results for `getrawmempool` regularly in local db. It will check if any transaction wants to participate in bets.
3.Multisig address will be created using two public keys. One entered by user and other from mempool.
4.Funding transaction will use the version bits to indicate if Alice wants to bet on India or Australia.


A3B1 E430 2298 178F
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