[bitcoin-dev] Proposal: Bitcoin Secure Multisig Setup

Christopher Allen ChristopherA at lifewithalacrity.com
Tue Feb 9 09:38:43 UTC 2021

In the Airgapped Wallet Community we also have been investigating
solutions, in particular as current common practice is is reuse the same
xpub for all multisigs, for instance [90081696/48'/0'/0'/2']

We’ve also have been looking into multi round commitment scheme, but wanted
to align the UX so that it would work like to musig for users. Discussion
on it is scattered, for instance

Nothing got as far as your version though.

So Concept ACK from Blockchain Commons. Less clear on your specifics
though. We will review.

Note that we are releasing a descriptor & multisig centric iOS and Android
reference wallet soon so solving this correctly and having interoperability
with others is very important for our roadmap.

— Christopher Allen
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