[bitcoin-dev] PayJoin adoption

Chris Belcher belcher at riseup.net
Sat Jan 16 00:07:08 UTC 2021

PayJoin is an exciting bitcoin privacy technology which has the
potential to damage the ability of blockchain surveillance to spy on
bitcoin users and destroy bitcoin's fungibility. A protocol standard has
already been defined and implemented by a couple of projects such as
BTCPayServer, Wasabi Wallet, JoinMarket and BlueWallet.

I've made a wiki page tracking adoption:

It is similar to the Bech32 adoption page.

Recently a UK bitcoin exchange shut down due to new regulations, with
the owner writing a very interesting and relevant blog post that I'll
quote here:

> you’re considered suspicious if you used a marketplace and not an
exchange. Coinjoin counts as high risk. Gambling is high risk. As you
use entities that are paranoid about keeping their coins clean and
adhering to all the regulations, your risk scores will continue to
increase and without you even knowing why, your deposits will become
rejected, you may be asked to supply documents or lose the coins, your
account may become suspended without you having any clue what you did
wrong. And quite possibly you didn’t do anything wrong. But that won’t
> The goal post, the risk score threshold will keep moving along this
trend until the point where you will be afraid of using your personal
wallet, donating to someone online, receiving bitcoins from anywhere
except for regulated exchanges. At that point, crypto will be akin to a
regular bank account. You won’t have a bitcoin wallet, you will have
accounts to websites.


If we want bitcoin to fulfill its dream of a permissionless money for
the internet then we'll have to work on this. What can we do to increase
adoption of PayJoin?

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