[bitcoin-dev] Taproot activation meeting on IRC - Tuesday 16th March 19:00 UTC

Luke Dashjr luke at dashjr.org
Mon Mar 15 17:20:04 UTC 2021

At the previous meeting, there was consensus for BIP8 activation parameters 
except for LOT, assuming a release around this time. Since then, a release 
has not occurred, and the new idea of Speedy Trial has been proposed to 
preempt the original/main activation plan.

It's probably a good idea to meet up again to discuss these things and adjust 


- Speedy Trial: Can we get a comparable consensus on the proposal?
  (Note: current draft conflicts with original plan timeline)

- Main activation, post ST: Moving startheight (and timeoutheight?) later
  is probably a good idea at this point, both because too little progress has
  been made on it, and to avoid the conflict with the current ST draft.

- Making progress: To date, too few people have been involved in materialising
  the main activation plan. If it's going to move forward, more people need to
  get actively involved. This should not wait for ST to complete, unless we
  want another 4-5 month slip of the timeline.

This meeting is tentatively scheduled for *tomorrow*, March 16th at the usual 
time of 19:00 UTC, in freenode's ##Taproot-activation IRC channel. If turnout 
is too low, we can postpone it a week, but it'd be nice to get things 
resolved and moving sooner.

As a reminder, the channel is also open for ongoing discussion 24/7, and there 
is a web chat client here:



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