[bitcoin-dev] L2s Onchain Support IRC Workshop : Agenda & Schedule

Antoine Riard antoine.riard at gmail.com
Wed May 12 14:35:34 UTC 2021


Following-up on the workshop announcement [0], I'm proposing today's early
agenda and schedule.

Dates have been picked up 2 weeks after the end of the Miami's conference
as the american crowd will travel around and won't be necessary on their
keyboards. Also, if folks from Asia/Pacific timezones want to join or
participate, I'm all good to set up additional, more-friendly sessions.

* 1st meeting: Tuesday 15th June 19:00 - 20:30  UTC

Topics will be "Guidelines about L2 protocols onchain security design",
"Coordinated cross-layers security disclosures", "Full-RBF proposal".

* 2nd meeting: Tuesday 22th June 19:00 - 20:30 UTC

Topics will be "Package relay design and/or generic L2 fee-bumping

I hope to address most of the issues in two sessions. If it doesn't fit, we
can still do a third one on the 29th June.

Discussions will happen on the new chan #l2-onchain-support freenode.

Meanwhile, I'll prepare a series of open questions and resource pointers
for each topic. Also, coming up with weaponized pinning attacks against LN
nodes and proposals on how you can improve double-spend protection
hopefully with package relay or p2p extensions if we move towards full-rbf.

If any L2 protocol dev/designer have specific transaction relay
requirements for their projects, especially ones far different from
Lightning, I'm really interested if you want to share them in the
L2-zoology repo (https://github.com/ariard/L2-zoology/tree/master/protocols)
or anywhere else. I'm doing my best to keep up with most L2 security
models, that said the space is growing fast :)


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