[bitcoin-dev] BIP extensions

Federico Berrone me at federicociro.com
Wed Sep 15 05:47:57 UTC 2021

Hi Karl-Johan,
I fully agree with your proposal. In order to de-clutter BIPs and make a 
more understandable proposal, we can add the additional information in a 
separate piece. Also, this would maintain the original proposal without 
any modifications, showing the original spirit of it.
Let me know how can I help you with your proposal.

Federico Berrone.

P/D: This is my first participation in the bitcoin-dev list, sorry if I 
am breaking any rule, I would be glad to know if that is the case.

El 15/09/2021 a las 8:14, Karl-Johan Alm via bitcoin-dev escribió:
> BIPs are proposals.
> They begin as ideas, are formulated and discussed on this list, and
> assuming no glaring flaws are observed, turned into pull requests to
> the bips repository, assigned a BIP number by the editors, and merged.
> It is then organically incorporated into the various entities that
> exist in the Bitcoin space. At this point, it is not merely a
> proposal, but a standard. As entities place their weight behind a BIP,
> it makes less and less sense to consider its author the "maintainer"
> of the BIP, with rights to modify it at their whim. Someone may have
> agreed to the proposal in its original form, but they may disagree
> with it if it is altered from under their feet.
> BIPs are modified for primarily three reasons:
> 1. Because of spelling errors, or to otherwise improve on their
> description without changing what is actually proposed.
> 2. To improve the proposal in some way, e.g. after discussion or after
> getting feedback on the proposed approach.
> 3. To add missing content, such as activation strategy.
> I propose that changes of the second and third type, unless they are
> absolutely free from contention, are done as BIP extensions.
> BIP extensions are separate BIPs that extend on or an existing BIP.
> BIP extensions do not require the approval of the extended-upon BIP's
> author, and are considered independent proposals entirely. A BIP that
> extends on BIP XXX is referred to as BIP-XXX-Y, e.g. BIP-123-1, and
> their introductory section must include the wording "
> This BIP extends on (link: BIP-XXX).
> ".
> By making extensions to BIPs, rather than modifying them long after
> review, we are giving the community
> 1. the assurance that a BIP will mostly remain in its form forever,
> except if an obvious win is discovered,
> 2. the ability to judge modifications to BIPs, such as activation
> parameters, on their merits alone, and
> 3. the path to propose modifications to BIPs even if their authors
> have gone inactive and cease to provide feedback, as is the case for
> many BIPs today, as BIP extensions do not require the approval of the
> extended-upon BIP.
> (Apologies if this has been proposed already. If so, feel free to
> ignore this message, and sorry to have wasted your time.)
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