[Bitcoin-ml] Bitcoin Cash Roadmap

Tom Zander tomz at freedommail.ch
Tue Aug 8 19:46:47 UTC 2017

On Tuesday, 8 August 2017 18:06:16 CEST Antony Zegers via bitcoin-ml wrote:
> I am posting this here for discussion. Hopefully this can serve as a
> preliminary framework to help the Bitcoin Cash implementations coordinate
> with each other.

This email is nice, but i expect it to be the end of discussions. Not the 
I mean, I like the energy, but I'm afraid these are too many topics you just 
dropped on us without rationale or background.
Hope you see how that may lead to unproductive chaos.

We already managed to coordinate various parts and the start is going well. 

At this stage we may ask if we want the blockchain dir to be compatible 
between clients. Classic already ships most of these features, would other 
clients be interested in datadir compatibility?
The rationale is that users avoid lock-in and re-downloads or even loss of 
funds (BU can't find my cash I received in Classic!)...

> Step 3: Medium-term simple consensus changes – next hard fork ~Nov 2017

Another hard fork in November is too fast. I have always said we need to 
stabilize the network for 3 months. See what is going on, what works and 
what doesn't. Decide at that time with this new information what is a 
priority. And plan it.

Bitcoin as-is will work for the next 12 month, as far as i know, or is there 
any reason the market demands a hard fork so soon?

>    - Schnorr signatures (hard fork ~Feb 2018)

That is the 3rd hardfork. Making the entire ecosystem rip and replace their 
software every 3 months is not a good idea.

The adding of features like you suggest is not sustainable. At every hard 
fork we put a strain on the ecosystem. Less is better.

What we need to first do is find out how to minimize hard forks.
The best answer to that is identify why new features are such a disruptive 
event instead of an backwards-compatible change with clients giving a notice 
of requiring a new version for that payment you just received.

I'll try to write a bit on my research on that last topic in a different 
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