[Bitcoin-ml] Bitcoin XT Release G - Bitcoin Cash

Tom Harding tomh at thinlink.com
Sun Jul 30 08:39:24 UTC 2017

Bitcoin XT Release G - Bitcoin Cash is released with full support for
the UAHF specification including the default fork-after MTP time: 2017
Aug 1 12:20 UTC.

Like Bitcoin ABC, the XT user interface uses BCC as its unit of account,
even pre-fork.

Two other notable features are:

BIP100 Dynamic block size by miner vote - The implementation has been
modified slightly from its specification: it activates with the UAHF
fork and can adjust the block size up or down from the 8MB starting point. 

Unified accelerated block transfer methods: compact blocks and XThin
blocks.  Having both methods will be helpful to the BCC network. This is
because Bitcoin ABC and Bitcoin Unlimited don't share a common block
acceleration scheme, although Bitcoin Classic and BU do share XThin.

Source code and binaries are available from

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