[Bitcoin-ml] Alternative difficulty algorithm for Bitcoin Cash

Neil kyuupichan at gmail.com
Wed Oct 4 09:08:35 UTC 2017

On Mon, 2 Oct 2017 at 17:27 Tom Zander <tomz at freedommail.ch> wrote:

> Hi Neil,
> can you provide us with a rationale (why is this change needed) and a goals
> (which variables are you optimizing for) section?

I think most agree we need to remove volatility from the current EDA
cycle.  We've
just had 6 today, which is extreme.

My goal was something simple to understand that changes difficulty both up
and down
without large jumps, the large 20% jump maintained over a sequence of
blocks being the main
problem with the current EDA - I believe it would work fairly well with a
smaller change like 2 or
3 percent.

I also wanted to maintain a mean block interval of 600 seconds as that is

Like Shammah said I don't agree that we should be targeting miners or their
it is up to them to mine what they want for whatever reason, they will mine
BCC if it is
stable and predictable without needing a cheap turboblock subsidy.
Difficulty adjustments
should be the balancer: their job is to find an equilibrium; we cannot
predict where that is
nor should we try to. But evidence since August is that miners will mine
BCC with a revenue
penalty of up to about 15%, but not much more than that.

The goal should be a stable coin and block production rate whilst
minimizing variance.

I also wanted to provide an alternative for people to discuss; when
consensus settles on
an algo I will follow that and find a way to implement it in Electron Cash
with jonald.


> Why I ask is because of something I brought up before on this list was a
> problem with deadalnix's proposal: It focused purely on optimizing
> difficulty.
> This goal was ignoring the bigger picture of stability of mining earnings.
> In short, it removes the certainty of a minimum amount of profit per energy
> consumption a miner can expect for a 2 week period.
> We need to balance those concerns out, something that the original
> algorithm
> does very well.
> Can you comment on how well your work balances those concerns?
> Last, could you, or anyone else, provide an actual written specification of
> the new algo? Will be useful for those that don’t read code.
> Thanks for this!
> On Sunday, 1 October 2017 11:17:09 CEST Neil via bitcoin-ml wrote:
> > I have uploaded a proposal for a Bitcoin Cash difficulty adjustment
> > algorithm
> --
> Tom Zander
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> Vlog: https://vimeo.com/channels/tomscryptochannel
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