[Bitcoin-ml] Malleability - Show of hands

Steve shadders.del at gmail.com
Mon Oct 9 12:54:23 UTC 2017

Referring to several malleability related threads on this list recently.

I commend Tomas and Tom for their efforts in presenting solutions. It's 
good to have them up our sleeve a better to have their merits/flaws 
debated.  Ironically though both seem to presenting them with the caveat 
"not that it really matters".

We are seeing a lot of discussion on the issue but my overall feeling is 
there is very little appetite for a 'fix' or sense of urgency about it.  
It is almost as if we are compelled to talk about because we all think 
everyone else thinks it's important.  So perhaps we should try to 
quantify this:

Can we all respond with a short answer to the following questions:

1/ Do you personally have a pressing use case for non-malleable 
2/ Is there a use case for non-malleable transactions that you believe 
would gain wide usage if it were made possible in the near future? (if 
so explain what it is)
3/ Regardless of Q1 or Q2 do you feel that malleability needs to be 
fixed in the near term (say the next 3-6 months)?

I'll start the ball rolling:

1/ no
2/ I would have said 'yours' but they decided on-chain was a better 
solution so - no
3/ no

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