[Bitcoin-ml] Difficulty adjustment

Nagai nagai at protonmail.ch
Fri Sep 1 10:57:02 UTC 2017

> On top of that, the “death spiral” that people predicted for BTC has nothappened, maybe the original adjustment of 2016 blocks wasn’t so bad?

People switched to BCC mining because it was more profitable, making Bitcoin's mempool go up. After BCC difficulty went up they came back to BTC, and made BTC's difficulty go down a little. I believe this'll happen many times until BTC or BCC switches to a better difficulty algorithm, then people will start abusing the old difficulty coin. If we switch to a better difficulty algorithm, this would both accelerate and destabilize Bitcoin's death spiral. They'll have 3 weeks big mempool, a week empty mempool schedule. Both good and bad for them.
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