[Bitcoin-ml] Difficulty adjustment

Tom Zander tomz at freedommail.ch
Fri Sep 1 12:48:19 UTC 2017

On Friday, 1 September 2017 12:57:02 CEST Nagai via bitcoin-ml wrote:
>  I believe this'll happen many times until BTC or BCC switches to a better
> difficulty algorithm,

Like others, I also don’t think a short term hardfork on the BCC side is a 
good plan. The costs are very high. We are seeking adoption, a hard fork 
would set that back another month, or more.

Good thing that there is a different way to break that cycle.

The profitability of a chain goes hand in hand with the market-price of that 
chain. The profitability is calculated based on the ratio between the 
difficulty and the price.

As such, if the market perceives the BCC chain as better, the fluxuations 
will stop as the majority of the hashpower starts moving to it. Permanently.

After that, game theory shows us that we’ll no longer have the EDA in play.

>  If we switch to a better difficulty algorithm, this would both
> accelerate and destabilize Bitcoin's death spiral.

BCC needing to reach such high levels of disruption before BTC gets to the 
death-spiral is something that proves my point.

> They'll have 3 weeks
> big mempool, a week empty mempool schedule. Both good and bad for them.

If we keep the basics of BCC healthy (big blocks etc), the difficulties BTC 
has now are not even going to be an issue on BCC.
As such, the original difficulty algorithm is not BTCs problem. Many other 
issues are. You pointed out two very good ones.

My concluson is that I fail to see sufficient reason to experiment with 
something new for BCC.
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