[Bitcoin-ml] Can we decide on a roadmap now?

Nagai nagai at protonmail.ch
Fri Sep 1 18:51:22 UTC 2017

Bitcoin Cash needs a roadmap. When will we hard fork? What will hard forks bring us?
... No answers

Less information = less trust.

If we don't have a roadmap, no one will believe in Bitcoin Cash. We need to sort these things:

Simple malleability fix / FlexTrans
Remove OP_RETURN anti-replay rule
Better difficulty adjustment
Headers-first mining (Can you believe that this is a part of Bitcoin Classic's 2016 roadmap?)
Dynamic blocksize
Schnorr signatures
Blockchain pruning (Can be optional, each node operator decides)
Removing Asicboost (Least priority?)
Forcing XThin / Compact Blocks

Some inspired by: https://lists.linuxfoundation.org/pipermail/bitcoin-ml/2017-August/000075.html

Can't we at least decide when will the first hard fork happen and what will it contain?
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