[Bitcoin-ml] Can we decide on a roadmap now?

Nagai nagai at protonmail.ch
Sun Sep 3 07:52:04 UTC 2017

> Sure, we have seen some annoyance due to this. But what I just don"t
> understand is the strong desire of everyone to come up with their own quick-
> fix solution right now. And people pushing for inclusion.
> A “Simple Malleability Fix” will still be something that will stay around in
> bitcoin cash validation until the end of time.
> If we want to keep things fast and maintainable we minimize that kind of
> hot-fixes.
> The reason I object to a SMF is simply because this is a problem that has
> been known for over 6 years. Everyone in Bitcoin works around it. Yes, it
> should be fixed eventually.
> At this point nobody gains by pushing out a quick fix.
> Especially since it doesn"t actually fix things for all transactions, just
> new transactions.

You're right. I'm convinced.
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