[Bitcoin-ml] Can we decide on a roadmap now?

Nagai nagai at protonmail.ch
Sun Sep 3 14:46:23 UTC 2017

> This is a new structure and needs a lot of communication, cooperation, organization and so on. Is it comparable with the Ubuntus? And will the different implementation specialize on areas? Will there be a main consensus implementation defining a minimum set of changes?

A simple reference implementation that is not made for end users would boost the

> including the introduction of better human readable address replacements and the revitalizing of pay-to-IP.


> Also I can imagine integrating multisig in it to make escrow more easy, or adding op_return messages encrypted with the public key of the receiver.

It's impossible to encrypt a small message that the ciphered text is smaller than 80 bytes
limit (OP_RETURN max 80 bytes). If we're going to raise the limit, the blockchain will be bloated much faster. 80 bytes is already too much.

> Could it be possible to use the payment protocol to integrate coinjoin in the transaction propagation of nodes? Can JoinMarket be brought back to live? Even Confidential Transactions or zcash like zero knowledge proofs,

I wish it was possible to send money from old format address to new format address or
vice versa but it doesn't look like it is. We can add a new transaction format that works
exactly like ZCash it'd be junk if it wasn't backwards address compatible.

> Free blockspace will attract them. This should be up to discuss, but personally I think blockchain capacity should be restricted to monetary usecases. If a metalayers makes money better, great. If it does something else (building a blockchain based market, tracking supply chains with blockchain, building decentralized poker), bad. Same goes for smart contracts.

Our first priority should be blockchain bloat-protection. The limit should be so low that no
one should be able to upload leaked game of thrones scripts. Or BS will upload illegal things to blockchain and BCC will get banned in many countries.
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