[Bitcoin-ml] Can we decide on a roadmap now?

Tomas tomas at bitcrust.org
Mon Sep 4 20:40:14 UTC 2017

On Mon, Sep 4, 2017, at 16:27, Tom Zander via bitcoin-ml wrote:
> A roadmap requires;
> * all teams agree beforehand.
> * a direction is chosen before code is written. (excluding all others)
> * waterfall development.
> The idea of permissionless development is the absolute opposite.
> * you need to convince nobody before you start work
> * your idea is useless without running code.
> * agreement is created based on actual work done. No high-level 
> disagreements based on misunderstandings. The code is your guide.
> * development is iterative and there is no need for teams to “join” until 
> they find the project to be serious enough to conribute to. Which can be 
> never.

Very well said Tom. I couldn't agree more.

Mailing list, pre-implementation discussion is useful to:

A. Gather input on incomplete ideas.
B. Test the enthusiasm on ideas before wasting time on them.

But attempting to agree on a roadmap here in a multi implementation
network is not useful. 

We should instead strive that every change that effects other
implementation (aka a change of rules) is as small and atomic as
possible, and  implemented independently even if discussion is still in


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