[Bitcoin-ml] BitPay's new p2pkh / p2sh address versions and future considerations for Bitcoin Cash addresses

Tom Zander tomz at freedommail.ch
Sun Sep 17 21:27:01 UTC 2017

On Sunday, 17 September 2017 00:26:50 CEST freetrader via bitcoin-ml wrote:
> they are adopting a modified address format among other changes such as
> the 'bitcoincash:' URI prefix.

I noticed that too.
I’m happy they went with the same URI we choose.
The rest was news for me as well, and I’m seeing this as an excellent 
example into non-permissioned innovation.

Nobody has ultimate say over the protocol. (although more coordination would 
be nice).

> After looking around a bit, it seems that the p2pkh version value (28) has
> been used by at least two other coins (CCN = Cannacoin [3] and CDN =
> Canada e-Coin [4]) before, so it seems the choice might be worth
> discussing.

CCN has a market-cap of 51BTC.
CDN has a market-cap of 326 BTC.

While I’m not going to say its Ok to just ignore these things, I am not 
going to discard a good enough solution based on a theoretical problem.

If nobody finds more serious problems with this solution, I suggest others to 
follow their lead.

> While a minimalistic address version change such as BitPay's may be useful
> as an interim measure, it should be noted that there is work underway on
> implementing Bech32 address support.

Thats news to me, those that are working on that may benefit from your advice 
earlier in yout email that this bech32 change would be useful to present on 
this list. Asking for coordination is not limited to others. ;)

Since there now already is a solution, is the BECH32 support useful?
It always looked like a change for the sake of change to me.

I’m personally charmed by the opt-in way that bitpay deployed this. I don’t 
see any benefit in inventing yet another "standard".

I do hope we can reach out to BitPay and get someone to join this list so we 
can coordinate these things in the future.
Tom Zander
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