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> On Tuesday, 19 September 2017 23:16:35 CEST Andrew Johnson wrote:
> > > The music industry is making the same mistake, they too say that people
> > > that
> > > copy the music without paying are actually stealing. Because, they must
> > > reason, we *could have* received money from them instead.
> >
> > I'm not understanding your analogy here. I think a better one would be
> > {snip}
> > That doesn't make any sense.
> Yours doesn’t make sense, I agree.

I know you are, but what am I?  That’s your response?  I’m trying to have a
productive conversation with you here, perhaps I’m wasting my time. I’ll go
ahead and respond to the rest of your message, but let’s try and keep it
rational, eh?  If you disagree with me, tell me why. Otherwise what’s even
the point of this list?

> > > The basic fact here is that the actual cost of mining a 1MB or a 20MB
> > > block has no effective difference for miners cost structure.
> >
> > Orphan risk is a huge one.
> Xthin / compact blocks solved that some time ago.

They reduced it, didn’t solve it.

> > > They can’t expect to sit on those coins for the next 10 years hoping
> > > they
> > > get more profitable.
> >
> > Most don't
> Good we agree ;)

Do we?  It seems to me that at a high level that you’re saying that miners
want a healthy network with more adoption in order to increase the value of
what they mine. I’m saying that they can’t look that far ahead and have to
focus on very short term incentives.  But you’re saying that my view is too
simplistic and that they have a bigger picture in mind, isn’t that right?

> > Individual centralized companies running in the red for a long period of
> > time to essentially buy their own personal customer base/network effect
> > with the intention of monetizing it later isn't even close to the same
> > thing as being one of many miners in a distributed system.  This is also
> a
> > poor comparison, in my opinion.
> That wasn’t my comparison at all. Please don’t put words in my mouth.

Ok, so can you explain it then?  I obviously misunderstood you, I’m not
trying to be combative here, though you somewhat seem to be...  Attacking
an idea is not the same thing as attacking a person.

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