[Bitcoin-ml] Transaction mining priorities.

Tomas tomas at bitcrust.org
Thu Sep 21 09:13:52 UTC 2017

The term priority is used in this thread but it isn't really relevant if
blocks aren't full, and I believe we will raise the blocksize in time to
prevent it from ever happening. 

What is relevant is what miners want to relay and include in a block,
which they should be able to configure freely. Instead of prescribing a
formula wouldn't it make sense to simply configure some "sections" that
filter txs to be relayed, and specify how much to at most include of
them? This would supersede both relay config and soft blocksize limit

Such policy is  transparent and makes transactions highly predictable.

Obviously you still need a priority to decide which to exclude in case
of full sections but it's much less relevant and can stay at (sat/bytes
+ K*txage)

For instance, this would make sense (effective softlimit 2050kb):


# Section 1: We include  up 2mb txs with at least 40 sat/output_byte
min_fee_satperbyte = 0
min_fee_satperoutbyte = 40
min_coinage = 0
max_include = 2000000
# Section 2:  Also add up to 50kb for free transactions for the Greater
Good; filter on coinage
minfee_persatbyte = 0
min_fee_satperoutbyte = 0
min_coinage = 100
max_include = 500000
# Section 3:  Let's be nice and relay even with a bit smaller coinage;
don't include though
minfee_persatbyte = 0
min_fee_satperoutbyte = 0
min_coinage = 20
max_include = 0

Tomas van der Wansem

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