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freetrader freetrader at tuta.io
Thu Sep 21 13:50:25 UTC 2017

I must correct myself, since ABC 0.15.0 does not yet open up relaying of free transaction in its defaults, contrary to what I believed we still need to work on that.

Thanks to Andrea Suisani (sickpig) who cleared up my confusion on this. To quote him:

> D485 is modifying `getblocktemplate` in such a way that a certain amount of hiprio txns will get included in the block *if* they are present in the mempool. 

The DEFAULT_LIMITFREERELAY value is still set to 0 (KB/s) which will prevent relay of free transactions unless overridden in user configs using 'limitfreerelay'. And 'blockmintxfee' default is also still 1000 satoshi, as is 'minrelaytxfee' default.

sickpig has a plan to relax these to enable free transactions, and D485 was just the initial step.

Apologies for my confusion on this point.

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21. Sep 2017 12:30 by bitcoin-ml at lists.linuxfoundation.org:

> On Thursday, 21 September 2017 12:08:41 CEST freetrader wrote:
>> I believe you know that nearly 30% of Cash network nodes are ABC 0.15.0
>> which ought to allow relaying and mining of transactions per default
>> configuration. In addition to those there are other clients that do too.
> Ah, so Amaury fixed that in 0.15 ?
> That was not know to me.
> I just checked and something really weird is going on, I opened the bug 
> report about this issue on your > https://reviews.bitcoinabc.org>  site (T87) 
> but I am not longer allowed to see that task. (other tasks I can still see).
> I have not received email notifications for some time either.
> Does ABC do release-notes at all? Change-logs?
> I can’t find them on the website.
> I’m just trying to figure out if there was any way for me to have known this, 
> and there wasn’t.
> I think that the very closed way of working in ABC caused this confusion.
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