[Bitcoin-segwit2x] segwit2x testnet activation triggered

Jeff Garzik jeff at bloq.com
Tue Jul 11 03:03:57 UTC 2017

Chain is now un-stuck.  The root cause,

- Unexpectedly added hashpower advanced the testnet5 chain to the 2M rule
activation point.  This sort of hashpower disruption is normal on test
networks, where the overall network hashpower is negligible.
- For segwit2x beta clients with the latest segwit2x consensus rules and
bug fixes, progress stopped awaiting a >1M block, following the "block X
must be larger than 1M" rule outlined in
- Once the >1M block was mined, progress resumed.

The "block X must be Y" rule behaved as intended, in what turned out to be
an unexpected field test.

Here's the inaugural block >1M block:

  "hash": "000000005a91d978c9527d202fc98acaebaee4f177f0b5d732f741d4c99b7a2d",
  "confirmations": 2401,
  "strippedsize": 1051890,
  "size": 1051890,
  "weight": 4207560,
  "height": 27071,
  "version": 536870930,
  "versionHex": "20000012",
  "tx": [
  "time": 1499734447,
  "mediantime": 1499635609,
  "nonce": 3338783941,
  "bits": "1d00ffff",
  "difficulty": 1,
  "chainwork": "000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000017ba3c89e843173",

On Mon, Jul 10, 2017 at 5:19 PM, Jeff Garzik <jeff at bloq.com> wrote:

> A quick break-down, since this is getting social media play:  Someone
> added mining power to testnet5 and accelerated it to the HF-on-block-X
> activation point.  Although unexpected timing, this is otherwise a good
> field test.
> Test networks have minimal mining power, unlike "live" bitcoin mainnet, so
> it is normal for these sorts of block accelerations to be possible.   It
> will get un-stuck soon.
> For the medium term, the client will receive a few updates to test further
> activation scenarios - as was always the plan (issue #51) - implying that
> both further client testnet updates and further testnet5 disruption can be
> expected.  This is the whole reason for a test network, after all.
> Filed as Github issue https://github.com/btc1/bitcoin/issues/65
> --
> Jeff Garzik
> CEO and Co Founder
> Bloq, Inc.

Jeff Garzik
CEO and Co Founder
Bloq, Inc.
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