[Bitcoin-segwit2x] SegWit2x Hard Fork Testing Update

Charlie Shrem charlie at decentral.ca
Wed Jul 12 14:43:35 UTC 2017

Hello All,

There was a report yesterday on social media that garnered more attention
than it deserved - alleging that Segwit2x had a bug that stalled the
network.  This is untrue - the product was working exactly as designed and
there was no bug.



   Development is in great shape right now.


   We always can use more testing!  Thank you to all that have contributed,
   but we can’t do enough at this critical time.


As you may know, for Segwit2x testing we created a new testnet called
TESTNET5.  We did this so that we would have a place where we could test
going through the segwit activation and hard fork enablement.  This has
been very useful to us, and is publicly available.

A couple of days ago, someone (we don’t know who, this is a public test
network) added a lot of mining capacity to TESTNET, which simulated
creation of all blocks between the activation period and the enabling of
the 2MB hard fork.

The first block after the hard fork occurs is required (by design) to be
larger than 1MB.  Because there aren’t very many transactions on testnet,
this stalled out block creation until 1MB of transactions could accumulate.

Of course, at this point, twitter blew up and the anti-segwit2x teams
rallied to declare that the creators of Segwit2x were inept and that they
had predicted this certain failure.  Of course they are wrong.

Without any code changes, more transactions were submitted to the test
network, and eventually a larger than 1MB block was created.  Upon doing
so, the chain moved forward and is operating 100% normally.

On the real chain, when the hard-fork occurs, we do not think it will take
long to create the hard-fork block which is greater than 1MB because there
are generally plenty of transactions and most blocks are already
near-full.  When this does happen, it will likely not even be a hiccup to
the network.


Thanks to Jeff Garzik and the technical team for slogging through this.
There are a lot of people ready to throw daggers as soon as they think they
see a bug.  Jeff and the team are doing a great job of addressing the
issues and ensuring technical excellence.
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