[Bitcoin-segwit2x] Segwit2X Test Plan

Justin Langston justin at bitpay.com
Wed Jun 14 05:01:02 UTC 2017

With the alpha release on track for June 16th, the priority next week will be testing. We are planning to conduct rounds of testing against the new testnet5 including everyone from the working group who would like to participate, tentatively scheduled for June 23rd (invite and dial-in to follow).

The goal is to progress through the Segwit2X deployment lifecycle and:
	• Simulate possible signaling/activation scenarios
	• Observe behavior of heterogenous client nodes on the network throughout the deployment
	• Allow all WG members to identify any integration issues with their stack
	• Load test with scripted transactions
		• Simple boundary cases - 1MB / 1.1MB / 2MB / no segwit / all segwit, etc
		• Random transaction load approximating livenet
		• Should help WG members assess any performance issues they may have

How you can help -

	1. My perspective is limited, we need your feedback on what tests would be essential for your company to adequately assess applicable risks and be prepared to deploy on livenet, signaling accordingly, when the time comes. Please provide any specific test cases you need incorporated into the test plan, either directly to me or in this thread.

	2. Deploy the alpha on testnet5 when it’s released (details/instructions will be announced in the mailing list)

	3. Test, reporting anything that needs to be addressed

Justin Langston
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