[Bitcoin-segwit2x] Alpha Milestone

Mike Belshe mike at bitgo.com
Wed Jun 14 17:08:06 UTC 2017

Hi Segwit2x team:

As we approach the June 15 Alpha milestone, we wanted to compile a status


Segwit2x development has been moving quickly according to plan, and the
project is in good shape.  The  development of the alpha version is near
complete, as is the initial round of testing. Testnet5 has been released,
and we we will be releasing alpha binaries by June 16th, as planned, which
are ready for further testing with the larger group.

June 16 Alpha Deliverable


   BIP91 w/ bit4 Segwit Activation at 80%

   BIP102-style 2MB base block size increase 3mo after Segwit Activation

   Created testnet5 for testing

   Manual testing

Alpha Period Dry Runs

During the Alpha period, we are scheduling multiple “dry run” dates.  These
are scheduled times when we’ll execute the 2MB Blocksize increase across
multiple parties on the test network.  We encourage as many participants as
possible to participate in these dry runs and report status of how various
node versions (both newer and older) execute during the upgrade process.
To participate, parties need to run the testnet5 alpha binaries available
on the btc1 github <https://github.com/btc1>.

To Do List

Here are some of the open items:


   Additional testing from all parties

   Published Test Plan to date

   Write a BIP for the process

   Coordinate multiple “dry run” dates until the process is smooth

   Production of Gitian builds


Follow the github here: https://github.com/btc1

Subscribe the mailing list:

Thank You

Finally, a big thank you to all that have contributed so far.  We still
need more developers and testers in the phases ahead, but the project has
been growing every week!
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