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Jeff Garzik jeff at bloq.com
Wed May 31 23:21:03 UTC 2017

(pasting email from Mike)

Hi everyone,

You're receiving this email because you are one of the supporters of
Bitcoin Scaling Agreement at Consensus. We are calling this project "

You have action items for you in this email. *YOUR PARTICIPATION IS

A small group of us have already begun planning. We are not trying to
exclude anyone, but we believe the small team can efficiently kick start
the effort while growing the everyone's involvement as we move through the

The plan we're putting together is laser-focused on building a deployable
MVP for our mission.  We will welcome any and all respectful debate, but we
will not be open to additional features or work outside of the group's
charter. All work will be done in the open, and we welcome all constructive

Your team's involvement with the project is essential. Unlike past
agreements, this agreement will not just be words.  We are going to design,
implement, build, test, and deploy the software required to make Bitcoin
scale.  As a participant in the agreement, we are expecting that* you will
allocate technical resources* to testing and deploying the software within
the timeframe below.

*Working High Level Plan*


   May 23 - Kickoff

   May 30 - Pre-Alpha

   More detailed plan sent out to the Agreement Participants for feedback


   June 16 - Alpha Milestone

      Alpha software ready

      New testnet network setup

      BIP published

   June  30 - Beta Milestone

      All comments / issues from Alpha have been addressed

      Testing complete

   July 14 - Agreement Participants Install and Test Milestone
   - July 21 - Nodes Running & Signaling begins

*Project Mission*
We've already heard that there may be some confusion about what it is that
we're building.  We don't want this agreement to fall apart later due to
misunderstandings, so it is absolutely essential that everyone read and
understand what we're building:

   1. Activate Segregated Witness at an 80% threshold, signaling at bit 4
   2. Activate a 2 MB hard fork within six months

To be specific, the plan is for there to be a single signal (80%) for both
segwit and the base block size limit increase to 2mb.  Segwit will start
being enforced shortly after lock in, whereas as 2mb blocks will be a bit
farther out to ensure people have plenty of time to upgrade their nodes.

Note that some have already said that the above plan is "technically
impossible".  The purpose of this working group is to create, specify, and
build the code which implements it.  We expect the review of the project to
uncover any unanticipated hurdles.

All parties absolutely want this to be a safe network upgrade, so safety
will trump schedule at all times.

We have already created a github repository for public viewing of the
proposed code changes, and you can find it here:

We want all development done in the open. This is not a secret project.
We've had reach outs from core developers and companies that did not sign
the agreement.  We welcome all to participate, comment, and review.  We
hope that by the time we're done, we have even more support.  In the coming
days a mailing list for all discussion of the project will be released and
we welcome participation.

*Action Item*
Everyone who signed the agreement needs to allocate engineering resources
for technical testing and deployment.  We will need those deployments in
the mid-July timeframe.  Please reply to Justin with the names and emails
of the engineers who will be assigned from your team.

Finally - thank you for your support in this working group!

Segwit2x Team
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