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> On Sunday, 8 October 2017 23:38:50 CEST Alex Bosworth via Bitcoin-segwit2x
> wrote:
> > The Bitcoin Core process is quite unrelated to this question. Regardless
> > of which code they do or do not merge into their repositories, it is the
> > existing set of nodes with the existing set of software that is the
> > question.
> The vast majority of people use either SPV wallets or online wallets.
> They will just follow the longest chain.
> I’d like to point out that the only people that will have to upgrade are
> the
> people that run a Bitcoin Core node while they are not miners etc.
> Those individuals are doing it wrong anyway.
> Instead of badgering the SegWit-workgroup, I think a much higher rate of
> benefit can be reached by educating the people that run full nodes and
> explaining how they are not in actual fact helping the network.
> The simple fact is that if they didn’t run those nodes, this whole
> discussion would not exist.
> If you want to redesign the system to force everyone into a weaker
security model, you could do a LOT better to make it simpler and more
efficient while you're at it.

Yes, user sovereignty is a huge inconvenience to those who wish to push a
contentious proposal. That's the whole point. You're free to create a new
system without it, but I suspect you won't have much success convincing
users who value financial sovereignty to voluntarily give it up.

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