[Bitcoin-segwit2x] F2Pool backing out of NYA - Fork still happening?

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Thu Oct 12 19:57:10 UTC 2017

I’m not Peter Todd, we just share the same (nice) firstname.

I still didn’t get an answer what the minimum amount of hashpower is required, before the fork is getting delayed?
We have to plan time for the whole security measures etc, so I think it’s reasonable to get more information about this?

> Am 12.10.2017 um 21:53 schrieb bitPico <bitpico at icloud.com>:
> Without you knowing why they stopped signaling this is FUD and off-topic for this list. Please instead let F2Pool  state their own opinion here since yours doesn’t count. If you think your opinion does count then show us your blocks that your pool has produced; until then you are simply an end-user and still you are off-topic for this list. If you need ELI5 for how this list works please let us know and we can help you Peter Todd.
> Have a groovy day!
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>> Since F2Pool stopped signaling for the NYA[1] and slush also mines mostly non-NYA blocks, are you still going to fork off in November - splitting the chain intentionally? 
>>>> [1] https://imgur.com/LgYdFKw <https://imgur.com/LgYdFKw>
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