[Bitcoin-segwit2x] F2Pool backing out of NYA - Fork still happening?

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Lmao. What's the usefulness to tell the opinions of some exchanges that has market share of 0.00% according to CoinMarketCap? We probably should take considerations of the majority first like Coinbase, ShapeShift and others, who needs to take care of millions of its own users.

In the mean time, no offense to them, but as a really small business, you would have nothing to lose even when you pick the wrong side. The smaller you are, the easier you can be brought by Blockstream to follow its propaganda.

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> About „how a strong 2 way replay protection is to be defined“ - maybe just listen to the community and exchanges?
> Bitmex declared yesterday that they won’t support or even list B2X, because you don’t offer the minimal level of security for the users:
> - Strong two way transaction replay protection, enabled by default, such that transactions on each chain are invalid on the other chain.
> - A clean break, such that the new chain cannot be “wiped out” by the original chain.
> - A modification to the block header, such that all wallets (including light clients) are required to upgrade to follow the hardforked chain.
> - A change in address format, to prevent people inadvertently sending coins to an address on the wrong chain.
> - New P2P network magic, to ensure a functioning and reliable node network for the both coins.
> https://blog.bitmex.com/policy-on-bitcoin-hard-forks-update/
> And to tell „oh it’s so hard to implement“ is nonsense, even BCash did it in about the same timeframe.
> I think you shoot yourself in your own foot by missing these features and I think a lot other exchanges will follow or followed already Bitmex (BitKonan f.e.).
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